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––or what the automated “first blog post”-presets usually say! If you haven’t already read my About page, here is a short introduction:

My name is Sandra Anette Mattsson-Robertsdotter – S.A.M-R, for short – and I am a comic book artist and illustrator. I am currently a student at Serieskolan in Malmö, Sweden, so my w.i.p. projects are mostly class assingments or personal projects I do on my free time. This webpage is one of the bigger tasks I am working on at the moment!

As for the webpage, some update information on changes in a near future:

  • I will open up a webshop! As soon as I get a decent camera, and figure out the WooCommerce plugin I’ll have the shop up and running
  • A bit of a warning, but nothing major: things might move around, as I am still learning and designing the webpage itself. But as of now I am happy with how it looks and works

That is it for changes that will and might come. The blog will update a little now and then – I will most likely fall into a more precise rythm once everything is up and running according to my liking.

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