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During this Holiday-break (and some more) I’m back at Vattenfall AB to do another wall piece for their office! Like the last one, it will depict the CHP plant in Jordbro, although this time from a bird view perspective, and with a rougher “architect” style.

To get those really textured lines of traditional art, my process begins with a rough digital sketch (to get the perspective and scale right), then I will print the image in its actual size (devided up in smaller sections, since I don’t have access to any paper lager than A3) and trace the image using a light table, before scanning the finished line art and ready it for colouring.

That way I get a nice texture to my lines, and a more traditional feeling to the overall painting. Then I’ll colour the art digitally, to save some time and effort.

The finished piece will be 180x120cm, and will be used as a map over the plant for those who come as new workers.

Small section of full image: Final colour test
Full image sketch

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