Please read through the following information before ordering thorugh the form below!


For personal commissions

If you are a private person who would like to commission me the prices are as stated below (but keep in mind they are only estimates and depend on the complexity of the motive). 
These commissions are for private use only. You may print the image for yourself, or gift it to a friend, but you may not distribute it for profit. Anytime you post the image to social media my name (S. A. M. Robertsdotter) and my Instagram handle (@sashartiist) as well as my Twitter (@sash_artiist) must be cited in the text.
I will draw: fanart, shipping art, OC’s, fursonas, portraits (semirealistic or cartoony), gore, nsfw
I will not draw: any form of domestic violence/abuse/rape
I reserve the right to deny any commission if A) I am not comfortable with the request or B) payment is not met according to agreement.

For commersial commissions

If you are from a company that would like to commission my work, please mind that the prices below are not accurate. The price will depend on what you order, the size of the image, the hours spent planing and drawing, as well as your intended use of said image.
Please contact me via e-mail:

Portrait – character

The portrait (character) option crops the image right below the shoulders of the character.

Background is included in the price.

500 sek (53 usd)

Additional character +300 sek (31 usd)

Portrait – person

The portrait (person) option refers to when the portrait is of a real life person (relative, actor, etc). The image is croped right below the shoulders of the person.

Reference image is required.

Background is included in the price.

700 sek (75 usd)

Additional person +500 sek (53 usd)

Half body

The half body option crops the character around the hip / knee.

Simple shading and flat background is included in the price. If detailed shading/background is requested the price will increase.

700 sek (75 usd)

Additional character +400 sek (42 usd)

Detailed shading +300 sek (31 usd) per character

Full body – simple

The full body (simple) option includes the character’s entire body standig or sitting in a simple pose.

Simple shading and flat colour background included in the price.

1000 sek (110 usd)

Additional character +700 sek (75 usd)

Detailed shading +500 sek (53 usd) per character

Full body – detailed

The full body (detailed) option includes the character’s entire body in an advanced pose, with a detailed background, as well as realistic lighting.

1700 sek (180 usd)

Additional character +1000 sek (110 usd)

Character sheet

A character sheet includes two full body sketches (flat colour) front view / back view, as well as four items or facial exprecions.

Perfect for roll players who want to see as well as show their character, or people with personas.

No earlier drawings of the character required – only a detailed description!

1200 sek (130 usd)

Please fill out the form below, as detailed as you can! If I don’t respond within 3 days (monday to friday) please send me an email: